Excellent and professional work!! Will not go anywhere else. Thanks guys!
Fantastic company and very professional. Will never go anywhere else! Beautiful job !!!
These guys did a fantastic job on my truck! Costco accidentally broke my back truck window while loading my kayaks. I needed the duct tape residue removed off my paint and interior from the plastic they used to seal off my broken window prior to new install. Glen and his guys did a great job of removal! After safelite installed I went back to have them do a mini detail to make sure all the interior broken glass was removed. Again, they went above and made my 2015 3500 Ram look and smell new! Prices are really good as well! I highly recommend them! Thank you!
My car is luxuriously clean! Thank you Cobra Quick Detail! Excellent Staff-so friendly! Will recommend to others.
Our insurance company paid a lot of money for this issue in the past. The last place I took it , they had it nearly 2 weeks, lied about it being in the shop, (I drove by twice a day and even while I was looking right at it, they told me they were working on it) I used them because they were local, and they took the job twice in the past several years. The first time they even removed my seats and replaced them with junk yard seats. If that was the problem, then I was ok with that. However, 2 years ago I was told by an employer that he had my seats they removed. Saying they were perfectly fine. So when we called Cobra , I was very hesitant about anyone touching my rig again, but wanted the problem fixed for my granddaughter. So I gave them a try and paid for it myself rather than file an insurance claim. It was the best money spent so far. It still has a bit of a smell, but it is squeaky clean. Cobra is locating someone to remove the headliner so it can be cleaned better in the vent area, then put the liner back in. I will continue to use them for all 4 of our rigs, until I have a reason not to. I would also recommend them to insurance companies.
These guys not only have the best prices in town but they go above and beyond to ensure the job is done right! We were a little late to the appointment and they happily stayed after hours to finish up my Pilot. Highly recommended! They did a great job!!
We dropped off our mouse infested Yukon and they did a wonderful job on the cleaning and detailing inside and the engine clean on the vehicle. Glen is a very nice and patient guy to work with too. Definitely recommend him and his crew and we will be a returning customer!